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I stand for fully funded Quality Education from kindergarten through technology school/college
education. Without a quality education, our students will be severely handicapped in achieving
their potential. Teachers, administration and students must be given the tools needed for Utah
to be in the top 10% of the country in education performance. Education is an investment in the
student and Utah’s economic growth.

The Utah Constitution states: “The general control and supervision of the public education
system shall be vested in a State Board of Education.” I strongly feel and will promote that
representation on the State Board must be by direct nonpartisan elections, not by the State Board
nominating committee and governor selecting candidates for election. Winnowing potential
members to the State Board has, and will continue to lead to special interest groups trying to
control our education system, including removal of elected incumbents, and curriculum. Utah
voters, not a committee or the governor, have the right to determine the priories, funding and
content of our community schools.

I support the Common Core State Standards initiative as minimal criteria for Utah students.
Common national baseline standards are essential to monitor student, teacher and school
progress. I fully support programs that will provide students, teachers and schools the tools
needed to provide quality education beyond the CCSS requirements including innovative
programs where students can obtain expanded education opportunities.

We cannot wait for wishful, and probably illegal, federal land grabs as a hope to fund education.
We have revenue resources today that can be enacted today to provide millions for education.
We can reverse the John Huntsman administration flat tax cuts. We can raise the mineral
and petroleum extraction severance tax to levels comparable to those in Colorado, Montana,
Wyoming and North Dakota. We can eliminate sales tax exemptions and corporate tax
loopholes. We need to dedicate at least 50% of new tax revenues to education.

I come from a family of educators. My grandparents, an uncle and two sisters spent their careers
in education and I am proud of the direct impact they have had on young lives. Although I
obtained a secondary education teacher accreditation in college, my path lead to a career in
business where I saw the importance of quality education needed for successful professional

I support fully funded public education as the number one priority in Utah to assure our student’s
and Utah’s future.

– Al Snyder